AI Race Heats Up as Google Launches Chatbot

 AI Race Heats Up as Google Launches Chatbot

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With the recent excitement surrounding ChatGPT4 launch and Nvidia’s recent announcements around AI; Google has just announced the launch of it’s new chatbot called Bard. This will potentially rival the popular ChatGPT application.

There is currently limited release of Google’s new Bard chatbot and a waiting list for new users to join. Some of the features include writing things such as blog posts or novel, offering suggestions, offering explanations. This may be lagging behind the most recent version of Chat GPT4 which already released similar features in previous iterations and is now further advanced than this.

With AI set to contribute about $15.7 trillion of boost to the global economy by 2030, the race to AI could be one of the most significant races of our time and has been compared to the dot com boom.

Early users have reported that Google’s AI chatbot doesn’t yet have as advanced capabilities when compared to ChatGPT. Furthermore, some have expressed privacy concerns as Gmail is listed as one of the sources that the Google chatbot takes data from.

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